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Heliomeris longifolia, Longleaf False Goldeneye

Heliomeris longifolia, Longleaf False Goldeneye, Southwest Desert Flora Heliomeris longifolia, Longleaf False Goldeneye, Southwest Desert Flora Heliomeris longifolia, Longleaf False Goldeneye, Southwest Desert Flora    Heliomeris longifolia, Longleaf False Goldeneye, Southwest Desert Flora

Scientific Name: Heliomeris longifolia
Common Name: Longleaf False Goldeneye
Also Called: Longleaf Falsegoldeneyes
Family: Asteraceae, Sunflower Family
Synonyms: (Gymnolomia longifolia, Viguiera annua, Viguiera longifolia)
Status: Native
Duration: Annual
Size: Up to 3 feet.
Growth Form: Forb/herb; herbaceous hairy stems; rough with small stiff course hairs known as strigose.
Leaves: Dark green; mostly opposite; slender, linear with short stems (petioles) or without (sessile); rough to the touch (strigose).
Flower Color: Yellow; daisy-like flowers; ray flowers yellow with up to 12 ligule; disk flowers numerous 50 plus; flower heads medium or small, 1 or 2 inches wide on short peduncles; up to 25 flower heads per clusters; fruit a smooth achene without a pappus.
Flowering Season: July to October following summer rainfall.
Elevation: 4,500 to 8,000 feet.

Habitat Preferences: Dry slopes and plains.

Recorded Range: Native to the southwestern states; AZ, NM, NV, TX and UT and northern Mexico. Throughout much of Arizona, absent in the southwest corner of the state.

North America & US County Distribution Map for Heliomeris longifolia.

U.S. Weed Information: No data available.
Invasive/Noxious Weed Information: No data available.
Wetland Indicator: No data available.
Threatened/Endangered Information: No data available.

Genus Information: 4 species in Heliomeris in the southwest and northern part of western United States. 3 species in Arizona. 2 varieties in Heliomeris longifolia, found in Arizona:
Heliomeris longifolia var. annua, Longleaf False Goldeneye and
Heliomeris longifolia var. longifolia, also called Longleaf False Goldeneye.

Comments: Longleaf False Goldeneye is variable with two recognized varieties in overlapping geographic ranges. It is similar in appearance to Showy Goldeneye, Heliomeris multiflora, which is a larger perennial plant more common in higher elevations and with slightly broader leaves and longer flowering stalks. In the United States, after taxonomic changes the genus Heliomeris is represented by only 4 species collectively referred to as "Goldeneyes".

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