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Brickellia floribunda, Chihuahuan Brickellbush

Chihuahuan Brickellbush has pale yellow or greenish white floral units clustered in small heads. This species blooms from August to October. Brickellia floribunda Chihuahuan Brickellbush is a native perennial that grows up to 5 or more, one of the tallest Brickellia. The florets are discoid only and the bracts are greenish, often purple tinged and ovate to lanceolate. The fruits are blackish achenes, strigose and topped with a pappus of 30 to 35 barbed-like bristles. Brickellia floribunda Chihuahuan Brickellbush has green leaves, alternating along the stems. The leaves have 3 prominent veins or nerves from the base of the leaf. Plants grow in elevations from 3,000 to 5,500 feet and prefer habitats of rich soils of canyon bottoms, riparian areas, near streams and Pinyon Juniper communities. Species is semi-desert and upper Sonoran desert species. Brickellia floribunda

Scientific Name: Brickellia floribunda
Common Name: Chihuahuan Brickellbush
Also Called: Desert Brickellbush
Family: Asteraceae, Sunflower Family
Synonyms: ()
Status: Native
Duration: Perennial
Size: Up to 5 feet tall or more.
Growth Form: Forb/herb, shrub or subshrub; tall, erect; woody at the base; stems branching; upper parts is glandular-viscid, sticky, often spotted with purple.
Leaves: Green; alternate; petioles up to 1 inch or more; blades 3 veins or nerves prominent from bases; shape dentate-ovate or rhombic-ovate; leaf surfaces gland-dotted or glandular hairy; margins and sharply but irregularly dentate.
Flower Color: Pale yellow or greenish-white; inflorescence with clustered small heads, up to 20 or more; the florets are discoid only; phyllaries greenish, often purple tinged, ovate to lanceolate, 3 to 4 striate; fruit blackish achenes, strigose and topped with a pappus of 30 to 35 barbellulate bristles.
Flowering Season: August or September to October.
Elevation: 3,000 to 5,500 feet.

Recorded Range: Chihuahuan Brickellbush is relatively rare in the United States and is found only in Arizona and New Mexico. It is also native to Baja California and Mexico.

Habitat Preferences: Rich soils of canyon bottoms, riparian areas, near streams; Pinyon Juniper, semi-desert, upper Sonoran desert species.

North America & US County Distribution Map for Brickellia floribunda.

U.S. Weed Information: No data available.
Invasive/Noxious Weed Information: No data available.
Wetland Indicator: No data available.
Threatened/Endangered Information: No data available.

Recorded Range: Rare in the United States where it is found only in Arizona and New Mexico. It is also native to Mexico in Sonora and Chihuahua. In Arizona, Chihuahuan Brickellbush is found in central, northern, southern and southeast locals above 3,000 feet and in New Mexico is occurs in Southeastern corner of the state.

Genus Information: In North America there are 36 species and 36 accepted taxa overall for Brickellia. World wide, The Plant List includes 112 accepted species names and includes a further 136 of infraspecific rank for the genus.

In the Southwestern United States: Arizona has 22 species of Brickellia, California has 13 species, Nevada has 12 species, New Mexico has 19 species, Texas has 16 species, Utah has 7 species. All data is approximate and subject to taxonomic changes.

Comments: With so many species of Brickellia, Chihuahuan Brickellbush can be identified, in part by its clusters of florets, reflective of its species epithet “floribunda” or “many flowers”. According to Kearney and Peebles, Arizona Flora, 1960, the Hopi Indians would rub parts of the plant on their head to cure headaches.

In Southwest Desert Flora also see; California Brickellbush, Brickellia californica, Coulter's Brickellbush, Brickellia coulteri, and Veiny Brickellbush, Brickellia venosa.

The genus Brickellia is named in honor of John Brickell (1748–1809), Irish-born physician and naturalist from Savannah Georgia. The genus was named in honor of John Brickell by American botanist Stephen Elliott in one of his most important works; A Sketch of the Botany of South-Carolina and Georgia. There is little other recorded information about Dr. John Brickell. Confusion is possible as another "John Brickell" (1791-1844), also a naturalist and also from Ireland is the author of a thoroughly plagiarized 1729 publication, The Natural History of North-Carolina.

The species epithet floribunda is translated from the Latin roots "flori" and "bund" meaning "many-flowering" as reference to its clusters of flowers.
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