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Phytolaccaceae or Pokeweed Family

The Phytolaccaceae or Pokeweed Family is a small family with approximately 13 plant genera and only 62 species (these numbers vary according to source). The family is made up of herb/forbs, subshrubs, shrubs, trees and vines. They are native mostly to the tropical and subtropical parts of North America and Africa.

Shared characteristics in this family include; leaves alternate, opposite or whorled-like (spiral), simple (not compound), mostly entire and undulate, plants either annual or perennial. The inflorescences are often unbranched racemose and panicles in configuration, flora parts axillary, terminal, usually bisexual, fruits are small often fleshy.

The USDA website contains 7 genera and 15 taxa for Phytolaccaceae in North America. The largest North American genus is Phytolacca with 8 species.

  • Rivina humilis, Rougeplant
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