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Krameriaceae, Ratany, Rhatany or Rattany Family

The Krameriaceae Family is also known as the Ratany, Rhatany or Rattany Family. Members of this family are perennial shrubs that parasitize other plants. They are native to the Americas, many from the tropical areas.

The roots of the Para and Peruvian Rhatany, Krameria argentea and Krameria lappacea respectively, are called Rhatany and are used as botanical medicinals in South America. A food coloring, Ratanhia Red is made from the root bark of Krameria. The flowers of Krameria have glands which produce oils which are gathered by specialized bees of the genus Centris

The family Krameriaceae and genus Krameria are named in honor of the father and son Austrian botanists Johann Georg Heinrich Kramer (1684-1744) and Henry Kramer (1765).

Species of Krameriaceae belong to 1 genus, Krameria, with 16 accepted species names. There are 4 species in the United States and 3 species in Arizona.

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