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Geraniaceae, Cranesbill or Storksbill Family

The Cranesbill, Storksbill or Geraniaceae Family is a small family consisting of 7 plant genera and more than 600 species. They are herbs or subshrubs found in temperate or warm temperate areas and some have a tropical origin. They typically have lobed or divided leaves either opposite or alternate and usually with stipules. The flowers are mostly actinomorphic and the corolla and sepals each have 5 lobes; the petals are free (not fused) and the sepals are united at their base (connate).

The family is named from the largest genus Geranium which has over 400 species including the wild Cransbills and the cultivated Geraniums (Pelargonium and others). The genus Pelargonium are also confusingly called "Geranium" and they are also commonly known as "Storksbills". Another large genera is Erodium, or the "Filerees" with over 120 species.

Several geranium specis are of economic importance as they are cultivated for horticultural use and for pharmaceutical products.

Arizona has 9 native species in the Geranium family including Erodium with 2 natives (1 invasive) species and Geranium with 6 native species.

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