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Fouquieriaceae, Ocotillo Family

The Fouquieriaceae is also known as the Ocotillo Family. It is a small family with few economically important species other than the Ocotillo and Boojum Tree (Fouquieria columnaris), which are commonly used as landscape plants of the southwest. Several other species of the genus Fouquieria are seed grown and sold as landscape specimens or sold to desert plant collectors at cactus shows and botanical gardens.

Plants in this family have semi-succulent stems and most usually spines. Members of this family are native to northern Mexico and the bordering states of Arizona, California, New Mexico, Nevada and Texas.

The genus Fouquieria is named in honor of French physician and professor of medicine Pierre Fouquier (1776-1850).

The family Fouquieriaceae contains one genus; Fouquieria. 11 species are accepted. There is 1 species in the United States.

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