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Chenopodiaceae, (=Chenopodioideae) Goosefoot Family

The Chenopodiaceae is commonly called the Goosefoot Family. This family is now included in the Amaranthaceae Family as subfamily Chenopodioideae.

The Chenopodioideae includes important food and native species including Blitum, Spinacia (Spinach), Chenopodiastrum, Chenopodium, Dysphania, Extriplex, Krascheninnikovia and several Atriplex species.

In North America, according to the USDA Plants Database, there are 34 genera with 309 accepted taxa overall in the Chenopodiaceae family.

The Plant List includes 2,052 accepted species names for the family Amaranthaceae. Species in the Amaranthaceae family belong to 178 plant genera.

According to DELTA; DEscription Language for TAxonomy there are about 105 genera with approximately 1,400 species in Chenopodiaceae.

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